Massage nearby in Kyiv

Массаж поблизости в Киеве

Although many do not consider erotic massage to be something useful, other European countries consider it a natural and necessary activity that has various benefits.

With erotic massage, you will get to know yourself better or even get to know your partner better (if you want to try couples massage), as well as experience pleasures that you have never experienced before.

Where is the best place to do erotic intimate massage? Of course, the bed. But if it is not straight and not comfortable, you can also opt for the floor, spreading a soft blanket. Otherwise, pressure will be exerted on the neck, shoulders and back, which will ultimately negate the desired result, namely relaxation and pleasure.

To create a relaxing atmosphere, the light should be diffused, using scented candles, incense sticks also help in the relaxation process, and muffled music perfectly complements the final picture.

Of the products used in erotic massage, oil is the most important. There are various types of aphrodisiac oils that help open up emotions and stimulate communication. Sweet Orange Oil will awaken your senses, banish anxiety and bring an exotic touch to this unforgettable experience. Cinnamon oil balances the mood, promotes calmness and passion. Cardamom oil with its masculine aroma calms the nervous system and relieves mental fatigue. Geranium oil balances hormones and regulates blood flow, dilating capillaries for ultimate relaxation. Neroli oil relaxes your mind and calms your senses, eliminating feelings of anger and states of tension and nervousness. Body massage near the subway University has collected the best qualities to give you a good rest.

Erotic massage for each part of the body

When we talk about erotic massage, we must remember that every area of the body is very important in the relaxation process. It starts with a head and face massage with light and relaxing touches. No oil is applied to the forehead, scalp, temples and cheeks, perhaps only a cream with a very light texture. It starts with a scalp massage, then reaches the temples, descends to the cheeks and jaw, after which attention is directed to the ears and eyes.

The neck and shoulder area is usually the area where the most stress accumulates and therefore requires increased attention. By insisting more here, the body relaxes faster and the relaxation process accelerates, achieving pleasure faster. Starting from these areas, use an aphrodisiac massage oil.

After the neck and shoulders, the back and buttocks follow. It is important here that vigorous movements are combined with light ones in order to obtain the desired results. In the same way, by massaging the back, the body relaxes even more, reaching almost complete relaxation.

Don’t push too hard on your feet when massaging. Knees, thighs (erogenous zones sensitive to touch) and calves are massaged.

Then comes the soles, a soles massage called “soul massage”, which has a strong sensual impact and toes.

As the last area to be massaged, using only a water-based lubricant (no oil at all), the penis is massaged slowly and with light pressure, using methods similar to oral sex, only using the hands instead of the mouth.

A man should try this experience at least once in his life, and you will definitely not regret it, even repeat it when you have the opportunity, since Kyiv massage is available to everyone around the clock.