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Ero massage salon FLIRT has prepared for you information about how erotic massage was born in the world.

Erotic massage has probably been around since people walked on two legs. In practice, everyone has seen or experienced moments when someone hugs a loved one and strokes his or her bottom without the intention of initiating sexual intercourse. What could it be if not the origin of erotic massage? However, erotic massage as a “thing” probably originated in the Victorian era in Europe.

During this period, medical knowledge was in its infancy, and the medical community supported many ideas that would seem ridiculous to a modern person. The idea that bleeding a patient with leeches can help an anemic person is laughable. That the woman with “couples” had a real medical condition and not a problem caused by the fact that her corset squeezed her 30″ waist into a 16″ area seems doubtful.

Another one of these ideas that we find so wrong is “female hysteria,” a condition that seemed to encompass all personality traits or physical traits not considered appropriate for women of the time. One of the main symptoms of female hysteria was a high sex drive. Somehow, the doctors of that time decided that the solution to the problem of strong sexual desire was to stimulate the patient to orgasm.

When women were diagnosed with female hysteria, one of the popular treatments was for a doctor or midwife to manipulate her genitals until she had an orgasm, which the procedure called “hysterical paroxysm.” The idea was that a paroxysm releases negative energy that causes female hysteria – sort of like expelling an orgasm from someone. Such an erotic salon, but vice versa.

Since its questionable medical beginnings, erotic massage has embraced many forms and enjoyed varying levels of social acceptance.

In today’s world, erotic massage is viewed as anything from a bond between lovers to a dirty activity that involves only prostitutes. It is likely that this will continue to be the case, since people are judgmental animals, and we tend to look down on any activity that we do not engage in. In the end, such a judgment is a losing cause, because those who judge can close all the massage parlors on the planet and pass laws that determine what people should do in the privacy of their bedrooms, but if their goal is not to put the end of the human race, they never stop this simplest erotic massage – a seductive stroke between lovers who care about each other.

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