Erotic massage Reboot

Erotic massage Reboot
Длительность: 60 min. from 1000 $

Erotic massage "Reboot" refers to the basic programs. In our Flirt Massage salon, guests often choose this session, as they can fill the ego with interesting additions of their own preference.

The obligatory two components are a classic full body massage and an erotic one. If you are tired after a busy working day and want to finish it pleasantly and wisely, then Reboot will be your salvation!

Who and how conducts a massage program for you?

Each guest, before signing up for our massage parlor, can either pre-select master according to the photo on the website, or just participate in a live selection directly in the salon. If you want to remain incognito, feel free to order a masseuse from the photos on the site. Photos are all ours, real, no fake pictures. Once you've made your choice, the real magic begins!

A nice girl will help you to get comfortable. We advise you to take the addition of a joint shower, this will allow you to quickly relax, get to know each other better, feel the tenderness of the young lady's body, increase your desires.

Then the girl will warm up your body with sophisticated, erotic slips and give you sweet relaxation. Overwhelming excitement will smoothly turn into pleasant fatigue) And for a good rest, you will continue your stay in our salon with a classic massage.

Further, on its own or with the addition of a joint shower, a pleasant “Reboot” program is hung up

What is the benefit of relaxation massage?

 Of course, erotic massage in the city of Kyiv is an important part of men's relaxation. You can come to us with friends or on your own. A large selection of unusual programs and additions for any wishes. An exciting meeting with a naked masseuse will not leave anyone indifferent. A large selection of well-groomed girls, an exotic interior will only increase the excitement. Eromassage is necessary for men to recuperate, relieve stress, improve health and sleep.

We work around the clock, dial at any convenient time.

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