Work in a massage parlor in Kyiv

Work in a massage parlor in Kyiv

Salon FLIRT is looking for beautiful girls interested in erotic massage and good earnings. FLIRT offers a professional, respectful, profitable and safe way to have fun while making money. The adult entertainment industry in Kyiv has always flourished, the vacancy of a massage therapist in Kyiv is relevant. No experience - no problem. We provide training and advice on our erotic massage techniques and are a very supportive team. Have the flexibility to plan your own schedule for any day of the week you like to work! FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE! Massage parlor work for girls aged 18 and over.

Our team has a safe, relaxed atmosphere.

At Flirt Erotic Massage Salon, we love taking care of our girls and always strive to maintain our high standards when it comes to respect, discretion, privacy and understanding. We provide a comfortable friendly clean environment with private lounge, white goods, TV, Free WI FI, Large walk-in closet. Quiet rest room (for sleeping) lockers, video surveillance.

Don't be shy and don't be nervous. Try it for a day and see how it goes, then decide. You are your own boss. The adult entertainment industry can be extremely lucrative and beneficial to the balance of your life and work.

Current vacancies Kyiv masseur in the salon FLIRT by phone +380965309696.