Work in a massage parlor

Work in a massage parlor

When we opened FLIRT MASSAGE, we knew that we wanted to offer the best conditions. So what do we do differently?

Working in a massage parlor with us provides you with a stable, high salary, which is paid at the end of each shift. This will allow you to quickly resolve the issue of personal financial difficulties.

We also offer our masters a flexible schedule, taking into account their wishes. There is a possibility of free accommodation while working. The internship takes no more than one day, you can earn money the very next day. At your request, we can provide you with security during the massage on the road.
Masseuses work very hard as it is a demanding profession. And we want to repay this work with dignity.

For us, this is a happier master who gives our clients the best massage, which means our clients are happier.

This provides a win for all participants.

Available vacancies

We currently have vacancies for girls. Please feel free to call or text us on messengers. Come to the interview and we will answer your questions in more detail. Work massage therapist Kyiv, +380965309696.

We are looking for reliable, kind, polite, on-time craftsmen who want and try to pay great attention to detail.

We are ready to train recent graduates if we think you are a good fit for our team.

About the sad experience in massage parlors

Most massage parlors leave massage therapists underpaid, undervalued and dissatisfied. Tragic for such a caring profession, isn't it?

An employer in the massage industry wants you to work as an "independent contractor" even though they dictate all your hours, rates, book clients, and provide all massage equipment and supplies.</p >

The employer is so busy that you repeatedly overwork. Despite the fact that you have a busy schedule, your salaries are still surprisingly small. You've learned about what happens when you overwork, and eventually it happens - you get hurt. As soon as you can no longer work, you are simply fired, instead of giving you time for treatment, and even without paying money.

Anyway, this is not what you were promised when you started massage school. When you imagined graduation, you thought you were going to help people and make a living doing it.

We know the "pain" of working as a masseuse in such salons and we try very hard not to repeat such an experience in ourselves.

Call on the phone and start earning the very next day.

Kind regards FLIRT MASSAGE